The future is designed by people. 


Kreatives was founded with a rebellious and entrepreneurial spirit by Franzi Sessler and Tony Gui. We set to explore the way people live, understand current challenges, and drive opportunities to design a better future.

We are based in Munich and work on ambitious projects across the globe.



Our mission is to design a future we all want to live in.

Doing good is our driving force to exploring new opportunities for design and innovation. When business, design, and technology come together, the exponential combination can profoundly transform the most ambitious challenges into the biggest opportunities - producing results that are good for people, good for profits, and good for the world. We work with organizations, entrepreneurs, and communities who share the same mission and approach.

People First

We take a human-centred approach for solving the right problems and moving people to action.

Innovation by Innovators.

We love challenging the status quo, experimenting, and connecting new ideas.

Global Perspective.

Leading with a Silicon Valley mindset and getting out of the building helps us understand the forces shaping our lives. 

Strategically Ambitious.

No project is too big or too small. We are capable of pulling the right people and resources to get the job done.



Meet the founding Team


Tony Gui 

Tony is a multidisciplinary hustler who believes business and design can bring new solutions to people. As the co-founder of Kreatives, he brings his entrepreneurial and design strategy experience to help companies define what is compelling to their customers and set the right strategy for execution. Follow him on Instagram: @tonyventures. Reach out

Secret Weapon: Speed 


Franzi Sessler 

Franzi is a creative powerhouse who dares to look beyond the aesthetic world of design and applies it to business. She uses her unique skill set to uncover opportunities and bring ideas, concepts and businesses to live. Follow her on Instagram @franzilovesartReach out

Secret Weapon: Her Pen