Pushing the world forward.

design by people for people.

Kreatives is a design strategy company on a mission to push the world forward. We collaborate with progressive organizations to design and innovate for the changing needs of tomorrow. From design research all the way to launch, across all industries, our work impacts areas such as brand, strategy, product, service, and experience - moving organizations and people forward. 

Our studio is located in Munich and we work on ambitious projects around the world. We’re independent. Small and mighty. Entrepreneurial and design-driven. Some even say, we’re changing the world, one project at a time. 


Meet our team


Tony Gui

Founder / Director of Strategy

A multidisciplinary hustler working at the intersection of business, design, and technology to help make this world a better place. The glue that connects stories and ideas, and accelerate teams from concept to execution. Previously a Physiotherapist in Canada, his clinic Physio for the People was a playground to redesign the clinical experience. He began his entrepreneurial journey in elementary school and believes profits are a side effect of building what people want. 

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Franzi Sessler

Founder / Director of Design

Known as the creative powerhouse, Franzi looks for new possibilities beyond the known boundaries of design. She believes humanity can move mountains when the right people come together to shape and design the future of our society. Franzi is the art director with global experience in the connected worlds of business and design. Her creative magic brings bold ideas to life. A collector of books and a social animal who loves meeting new people.

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Kreatives_Headshots_SebastianLehner copy.png

Sebastian Lehner

Photo & Video

The self-taught photographer, videographer and social media pro is always informed about the newest visual and social trends and skilled at getting people to show their true selves in front of a lens. Sebastian's work has gained recognition with the city of Munich, magazines, models, fashion labels and musicians. He's work has been featured in print, magazines, ads, social media and by Canon. A lover of Dachshunds and summer afternoons in Munich beer gardens.

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Julius Cammerer

Senior Designer

The precision work guy: Being in love with structure and detail he believes in the power of minimal and clear design and carefully applies it to the world around him.

Design in two dimensional space as well as visualisation and interior design in the third dimensional space are his areas of expertise.

This combined skillset of design and craftsmanship not only allows him to carefully plan and design but also to create and execute.

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The values
that drive us.


People First.
People are the core of what we do. We take a human-centered approach to making things better, for everyone. 

Give A Damn. 
Care. We’re not afraid to try new things, break the current mindsets, push boundaries, or do what others say can’t be done. 

Better Together. 
Nothing great was ever achieved alone. We believe collaboration and diversity is the secret for shaping a future we all love.


Take Action.
It takes courage to create something new and meaningful. We’re at our best when we can roll up our sleeves - exploring, designing, making, experimenting, and tackling challenges that matter. 



Start to Finish.
No project too big or too small. We’re strategically ambitious and resilient. We just get shit done!


our story


A San Franciscan State of Mind

We started Kreatives with the belief that we can change the world. 

Everything around us is designed and together we can shape the future. We met in San Francisco while completing our Design MBA (DMBA) at the California College of the Arts. The DMBA is at the forefront and first in the world to recognize the value and role of design in business. We’re not alone, our friends are driving change in companies like Apple, Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, Capital One, IDEO, etc. 

While the world began to understand that good design is good business. And profits are a result of building what people actually want. The ideas, innovations, and startups were exploding out of San Francisco. We saw the opportunity to spread this rebellious can-do attitude to places that were just getting started. 

Since then, we settled in Munich, Germany and work on ambitious projects around the world - all in service to do whatever it takes to design a future we all want to live in. 

Tony & Franzi