Fighting food waste one click at a time

Designing a new innovative solution to reduce food waste in the US food supply chain


Food waste is everywhere, and it’s not going away. Food waste represents a significant problem economically, socially, and environmentally. The United States spends $218 billion per year growing, processing and transporting food that is never eaten. How is this possible when 1 in 7 people in the United States are food insecure and the detrimental impact on our environment?

We sent out to address the questions of why is food being wasted at such alarming rates? How are the major players in the agriculture business ecosystem contributing to the issue?


We conducted deep primary and secondary research, interviewing stakeholders across the food supply chain including USDA, Driscoll’s, T&A Farms, small batch farmers, large scale food buyers and consumers. The insights helped focus our efforts to design for farmers and large scale food buyers. While on the farms, we saw first hand how food waste was manifesting in 3 ways: surplus, imperfect and being rejected. On the food buyer end, we learned there were not reliable channels to purchase surplus or imperfect food, even if they wanted too.

Farmers were still reliant on picking up the phone and calling their network to sell excess product & food buyers didn't have a channel to access surplus produce. 


What if, with a click of a button, farmers can reach 1000’s of food buyers instantly?

Wunderfood is a surplus & imperfect food marketplace that connects farmers with food buyers. We incubated Wunderfood from the ground up to deliver an interactive online marketplace with curated profiles, seamless transactions, and dynamic pricing.


Wunderfood received a 2016 Fast Company Innovation by Design Award.


Special Thanks to Matthew Ridenour, Uzair Ahmed, Michael Fox