Visualising new possibilities in humanitarian work. 

World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator



The World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator identifies, nurtures, and scales bold solutions to end hunger globally. The Munich based Innovation Accelerator is at the forefront of tackling these tough challenges to provide the best-possible assistance to vulnerable people around the world. 

Recently, Kreatives collaborated with WFP Innovation Accelerator to develop a compelling narrative and visual experience in video format for an innovative and technology-enabled solution to advance human-centered design, collaboration amongst stakeholders, and better support for vulnerable people in the Middle East. 



Crafting the right narrative

To craft the right narrative for the video, Kreatives led two workshops with WFP aimed at understanding the current pain points and experiences. And how a future scenario with the proposed solution would benefit all users. We identified all stakeholders invovled and designed personas to realize the key benefits associated for everyone. We translated the key moments, messages, interactions, and experiences into storyboards.



A Visual Experience

Once we had the backbone of the narrative and personas, we began creating a mood board which informed the visual expression of the characters in the video. We used a combination of sketches and digital illustrations to build emotional connection and emphasize the impact of the solution on all stakeholders. The final product was a video delivered to government and relevant stakeholders - pushing the project into the next steps.