The future of savings

Designing a digital experience to help millennials save money.

Spending money has never been easier than before. Since 95% of purchases are made digitally or with a credit card, we no longer feel the physical can leave our hands. How has the digital transformation changed Millennial’s relationship with money? Are Millennials saving money for their future?


How might we help Millennials save money with the same ease as spending money? 


To begin exploring these questions, we immersed ourselves into the world of Millennials. We conducted over 30 interviews around the world, trying to understand the pain points and factors influencing how Millennials save money. This exploration uncovered the real need: Millennials wanted to save money, but they couldn’t because of the student debt they had incurred. They could not pay off their student debt until the monthly bills (rent, groceries, utilities, transportation, entertainment) were also paid off. 


To address this need, we dove into design sprints to develop concepts and low fidelity prototypes. We tested the prototypes with users looking for feedback and validation. After many rounds of iterations, we developed "Tip Yourself" to help Millennials save money. 


Tip Yourself is an app that integrates the spending and savings experience.

The user becomes incentivized and rewarded for consistent savings behavior. The money you save from the app allocates to paying off bills, debts, and eventually into a savings account. Users can track their spending, savings and bill payment progress. 



Tip Yourself received a 2015 Fast Company Innovation by Design Award.


Special Thanks to Liz Kukka, Ryan Hogan, Mina Lee, Lisa Kay Solomon