2017 SingularityU Leadership Forum

Singularity University is a global community with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to help solve humanity's grand challenges.


What universe of unimagined possibilities might occur if we all came together in an exponential mindset and movement? 
On August 2017, leaders from around the world came together to the second annual Singularity University Leadership Forum in San Francisco, CA. The gathering of 190 individuals representing 40 countries celebrated the exponential community leaders who are focused on exponential technology, humanity's largest problems and abundance. 

Kreatives was asked to support the design of the experience to celebrate and showcase the global leaders. Kreatives was involved in creating physical, digital and experiential assets for the event. 

Print Material

An experiential brochure to highlight key moments, leaders and reflections. 


On-site experience

World Map — A visual representation to highlight the leaders across the globe. 


Museum of Culture — Leaders each brought an artifact to represent a significant story of their culture. 

Live visual recording — Capturing key moments of the event.

Event Visual Summary

The visual summary captured highlight moments and attendee engagement during the event


For full highlights of the 2017 SingularityU Leadership Forum, click here

Since the event, Singularity University has announced 21 licenses, 11 renewals and 10 new Chapter licenses. For more information, check out SingularityU’s Medium post

Special thanks to Dharmishta Rood, Lisa Kay Solomon, Katherine Lewis, the SU team, and the SU community leaders. 

Photo Cred: Pictures were taken by the one and only Ian Chinwww.ianchinphotography.com