Redesigning the health care experience

Building a venture that explores new business models and redefines the clinical experience.


You experience the world through your body Movement is the basis for almost everything useful you do. At some point in your life, you may notice your body doesn’t move the same after an injury or surgery - the activities you use to do are now effortful or painful. You’ve tried navigating through the health care system, going to doctor’s visits, physical therapist, massage - but you are not getting better, and the experience is a waste of your time. 

Complaining got Tony Gui and his patients nowhere, so together, they organically designed something better, poked fun a the system and inspired others to change. Tony explored the questions of why the business model was the way it was? What would a clinical experience feel like if we moved away from the industrialized model and redesigned it from end to end? How do higher quality and longer treatment visits impact patient outcomes? 


Physio for the People was built from the ground up - integrating digital tools, innovating the business model, and designing the brand experience. From the first touch point of booking the appointment to the whole body assessment & treatment to the design of the music and space - everything was created to design a better experience. Everyone’s story is different, so are the solutions. Patients were happy to pay more for the value they received.

Physio for the People moved away from the white walls of tradition and brought a sense of authenticity and cool to healthcare, the people, and physiotherapy. 

Physio for the People received a Patient’s Choice Award in 2014.


Special thanks to all the amazing people that made Physio for the People the best clinic

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