5 Ideation Tips to Inspire the Next Visionaries

"Without creativity and curiosity, the future would be boring."

BMW i has partnered with TED to create Next Visionaries, a global initiative that seeks to engage innovators, change-makers, dreamers and future thinkers to reimagine the future of mobility – to explore how dreams and visions can transform the way we move in 30, 50, 200 years from today.

Kreatives supported this pioneering initiative with tips to unlock creative ideas for imaging a bold future. 

#1 Start by looking at the world as a kid. Again. 

Ask why? Why? Why? 
Observe people. On the streets. And around you. 
Fall in love with a question rather than a solution.

#2 Push the boundaries to discover something new.

Brainstorm how you could solve it with (insert examples)  Examples: a dollar, unlimited money, a pizza box, no electricity, a team of engineers, your grandparents.
Come up with more out-of-the-box associations. 

#3 A good idea makes people light up. 

Build, draw, and tell people about the idea. You know it’s good if you get smiles and head nods. 

#4 Design like you give a damn. 

Make sure to create contrast when pitching the idea. 
Share what the world looks like without the idea and what could be the impact of the idea.

#5 Get wild. Be Bold.

Don’t be afraid to come up with ideas that may seem crazy at first. The best innovators are not afraid to try new things. 

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