Giving you 100 reasons why design-driven innovation is the way to go.


Innovation requires 1/4 attitude, 1/4 discipline, 1/4 vision, 1/4 guts and a 100% focus on solving the stuff that matters to people. Kreatives is at the forefront of pushing design-driven businesses, and everyone else seems to agree design is critical for innovation. The approach continues to evolve as new business models push for the beautiful arms race to be better for our customers.   

Ready! Set! Go!

#001 Design Driven Innovation: Why it Matters for SME Northern & Western Regional Assembly + European Commission #002 Building a Design Driven Culture McKinsey #003 Your business needs a chief design officer The Guardian #004 Innovation Teams and Labs: A Practical Guide Nesta #005 Why VC Firms are Snapping Up Designers Fast Company #006 Venture Capital in the Age of Design Ekaterina Gianelli #007 How Design and Venture Capital Go Hand in Hand KPCB #008 Yet another VC invests in design: Khosla Ventures hires design veteran Irene Au Venture Beat #009 Inside Design: Google Ventures Invision #010 Better Service, Faster: A Design Thinking Case Study Harvard Business Review #011 Design Thinking Comes of Age Harvard Business Review #012 The Evolution of Design Thinking The Wall Street Journal #013 Design in Tech Report 2016 KPCB #014 Why MIT's New Design Program will get Designers a Seat at the Table Core 77 #015 IBM Design Thinking IBM #016 How The Coca-Cola Company used service design to take a human-centred approach to HR Design for Europe #017 Why the world's leading organizations are looking to design Design for Europe #018 Design a new hospital outpatient centre Design for Europe #019 Design Thinking and How it Will Change Management Education Rotman School of Management #020 The Power of Design Business Week #021 Measuring Design and its Role in Innovation OECD #022 Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme European Union #023 Design delivers for business UK Design Council #024 The Good Design Plan UK Design Council #025 What is the real value of design? DMI #026 Valuing Design AHRC #027 Design Driven Startups from the Heart Huffington Post #028 Best Design Driven Startups of the Decade Huffington Post #029 The Designer-Driven Startup 500 Startups #030 The Four Powers of Design: A Value Model in Design Management Design Management Institute #031 Creating Value Through Business Model Innovation MIT Sloan #032 Do you have the will for Digital Transformation? MIT Sloan #033 The Hard Truth About Business Model Innovation MIT Sloan #034 Managing Tensions Between Existing Business Models MIT Sloan #035 Embracing Digital Technologies in Traditional Worlds MIT Sloan #036 Thriving in an Increasing Digital Ecosystem MIT Sloan #037 Digital or Dead Innoboard #038 Why Design Thinking Conquered the World Design Exchange #039 World Food Programme Launches Innovation Accelerator to Test Drive Hunger Solutions World Food Programme #040 Innovation at the World Food Programme World Food Programme #041 Breaking Barriers in Design Thinking Lufthansa #042 Design Thinking for Public Service Excellence United Nations #043 Empowering the New Generation of Innovators in Jordan Unicef #044 Diving In: Nonprofits, NGO's, and Design Stanford #045 Design Matters in Social Innovation Unicef #046 Government Partnerships with Design and Business Communities University of Art and Design Helsinki #047 Focus on Design: A New Venture Investment Strategy Forbes #048 An Introduction to Design Thinking Process Guide Stanford d.School #049 How Design Thinking Transformed Airbnb from a Failing Startup to a Billion Dollar Business First Round #050 Airbnb, a Design Thinking success story BBVA Innovation #051 Here's How Asana Won with it's Product Redesign First Round #052 This Startup Cracked a $2.4 Billion Market with Branding - Here's Their Formula First Round #053 Simple Design is What You Need, Not What you Want First Round #054 Design Thinking, the human approach to business BBVA Innovation #055 What does it take to enable great product design Asana #056 Designer Fund is the next step in the design revolution Foundation Capital #057 Three Good Reasons for Turning to Design in Germany's Public Policy This is Design Thinking #058 Daimler testet Design Thinking CIO #059 How big companies can innovation McKinsey #060 Creating Economic Value by Design International Journal of Design #061 The new High-Tech Strategy Innovations for German The German Federal Government #062 Design for Growth & Prosperity European Commission #063 Innovation Differentiates German Retail Giant Across all Business Divisions Cisco #064 How human centred design is improving lives The Guardian #065 Innovation imperative: keeping your company relevant PWC #066 Investment Philosophy Collaborative Fund #067 We're shifting from driver culture to car culture. Should that change the way we think about Uber? Social Capital #068 The New Silicon Valley VC Firm Wants to Fund Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems Fast Company #069 Design Thinking in Business Innovation Remotel  #070 Design in Innovation Strategy 2015-2019 UK Gov #071 Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation  Elesvier #072 How IBM Built a Design Driven Culture INC #073 Why Smart Companies Should Put Design First Visage #074 Design Thinking: A unified framework for innovation Forbes #075 Why Every School Needs an "Innovation Day" GOOD #076 A Design-Driven Company Autodesk #077 Design-Driven Companies Perform Better Frog #078 Design Thinking for Social Innovation Stanford #079 Capitalism needs design thinking Harvard Business Review #080 Design Thinking for Media that Matters New York Times #081 What Design Thinking means for Data and Analytics Datanami #082 2017 Customer Experience Trends Customer Think #083 Innovation Leadership Center for Creative Leadership #084 How to Design a Winning Business Model Harvard Business Review #085 Leading with Vision: The Design of New Ventures Design Management Review #086 Better by Design? Capturing the Role of Design in Innovation University of Toronto #087 A look inside Design at Eventbrite Invision #088 VCs continue to embrace design and young design talent Gigaom #089 Business Model Innovation University of St. Gallen #090 High-Level skills for higher value UK Design Council #091 International Innovation Kellogg Foundation #092 An Introduction to Design Led Innovation SAP #093 Health as a Social Movement: The Power of People in Movements Nesta #094 Investing in Social Innovation Nesta #095 Startup Accelerator Programmes Nesta #096 Hyperlocal Revenues in the UK and Europe Nesta #097 Scaling Together: Overcoming Barriers in Corporate-Startup Collaboration Nesta #098 Digital Entrepreneurship: An 'Idea Bank' for Local Policymakers Nesta #099 Innovating User Value Zeppelin University #100 Business Model Design: Lessons Learned from Tesla Motors Research Gate

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