Pioneering the future of Industrie 4.0

Building the digital capabilities and software for a connected smart factory


The vision of "Industrie 4.0" was coined by the German government in 2011 to promote the high-tech strategy towards automation and connected smart factories. The world, leading companies, and startups are in a race to build the exponential technologies and implementation strategies for the fourth industrial revolution. One of the leading companies at the forefront of this transformation is connyun, a German-based startup born out of the KUKA ecosystem. 

connyun is developing the software and services for a pioneering Industry 4.0 platform. They want to offer customers new and innovative ways to network machines and optimize the use of the data obtained. With the development of an app-based cloud platform, connyun wants to generate, evaluate and utilize data for the optimization of customer production and logistic processes.

In preparing for Hannover Messe, one of the world's largest industry fairs focusing on the themes of Industrial Automation, Digital Factory, Energy, and Automotives. Kreatives and connyun (along with a Thomas Rappold, a prominent investor in Europe and Silicon Valley) came together for a one-week design sprint. 

The key goals of the design sprint included:

1. Bringing the vision, mission, and values of connyun to life. 
2. Designing the Go-To-Market Strategy
3. Crafting a compelling story to communicate the value proposition
4. Prototyping in preparation for the Hannover Messe

The week kicked off with Kreatives bringing a little of the Silicon Valley to the team - the culture of the Valley, the startup ecosystem, and the innovation mindset. We brought in experts in robotics and factory automation to share their insights provided validation and also fuelled new ideas. 

We designed a few exercises to align the vision, mission, and values. Moving forward, the team is determined to hit all their milestones with a go-to-market strategy.  Then we created customer personas to identify main pain points and opportunity areas which informed the business model canvas. 

We dove deep with the team to unpack questions they wanted to explore during the Hannover Messe. Once we voted on the key questions, the team went heads down into an intensive ideation and concepting session. The best ideas were voted for, and the team collaborated to build prototypes that can be tested fast and can be used to guide further steps. 

The connyun team had a successful experience at the Hannover Messe, and we look forward to continuing working together! 


Special Thanks to The connyun Team, Thomas Rappold, Christian Schloegel, Felix Raab

Video Credits: We Own You