Hacking the Future of VR to improve the lives of people

Designing a Hackathon with UC Berkeley Haas School of Business


Kreatives teamed up with UC Berkeley Haas School of Business during the 2015 >Play Conference to design a hackathon exploring the future of VR for people with spinal cord injuries. 

The >Play Conference is the largest and most exciting student-run digital media and technology conference. The conference lined up amazing speakers and companies to cover the hottest topics from virtual/augmented reality to the future of new media, from the changing social media landscape to the continuing shift in the music industry. 

During the hackathon, Kreatives hosted a workshop to help with the ideation, team-building, thinking like designers and technologists, and business model innovation. Additionally, the Kreatives team supported with pitch training and storytelling and mentored all the participants into the morning. 

Hackathons are a great way to quickly explore a topic, build assets, and design future use cases.


Special Thanks to Chloe McConnell

Tags: Business Model Innovation, Venture Strategy, Workshops and Facilitation, Hackathons, Startups