Kickstarting creativity and innovation for Germany's largest insurance company.


Training 50 innovation leaders at Allianz to build new creative skill sets and capabilities to benefit customer experience.

Headquartered in Munich, Allianz is the largest insurance company in Germany offering a wide range of insurance and fund products to over 86 million customers in more than 70 countries. Behind the scenes, Allianz has curated a global team of leaders to cultivate the mindset for innovation and design of new value for customers. Kreatives was asked to design a workshop for 50 innovation leaders around the globe to expand their creative and ideation capabilities for leading their project teams back home.

The workshop was held at the inspirational Allianz Archives which holds artifacts and stories from the organization's +100 years of history. Kreatives kicked off the workshop by setting the scene for design and the innovator's mindset. The participants had a fast-paced and hands-on experience learning the visual tools for ideation, the collaborative culture required to amplify ideas, the empathy required to understand needs, and the hacks for unpacking problems. 

The intensity of the workshop was focused on the best practices for ideation including how to's for various exercises, voting in large groups, and methodologies for giving feedback. Storyboards were used to frame opportunities, big ideas, and impact. Participants used the creative techniques on various challenges and used a structured template to pitch and present their new solutions. The leaders are expected to take action and lead the organization in identifying opportunities, new concepts for experimentation, and building the right prototypes for execution. 

A big special thank you to Simone Correll and Verena Ettenhofer for their passion and initiative. 

Photos by the one and only Sebastian De Leon.